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Lazy Oaf x Daria

Our Favorite Camp-Cult Feminist Icon Gets Her Sartorial Due


London, UK (October 27, 2018) – Lazy Oaf is ‘overcome with emotion’ to announce a 11-piece collaboration collection with MTV’s ‘Daria’, launching this October.

A heroine and touchstone for weird kids, proud outsiders and misfits everywhere, the iconic MTV character is still as relevant today as she was when the show first aired in 1997. Sharing a natural affinity with Daria’s apathetic attitude and eye-rolling misadventures, Lazy Oaf has common ground with her dry sense of humour and sideways glance at life. Along with all the nineties nostalgia the show embodies, Daria was the perfect fit for our next collaboration collection.

The 90’s cult-cartoon series followed 16-year-old Daria Morgendorffer shortly after moving to a new town with her stressed-out parents and relentlessly popular little sister, Quinn. Daria uses her acerbic wit and keen powers of observation to contend with the mind-numbingly ridiculous world of Lawndale High, full of high school idiots and condescending adults. Armed with her superior wit and the support of her equally misanthropic best friend Jane, Daria manages to navigate suburban life on her own terms.

Designed to be styled together and in keeping with the cartoon colour palette of purples and greens, the Lazy Oaf x Daria range focuses on three main stories (Daria, Jane and her sister Quinn), offering our interpretation of the pieces the girls would have worn and letting you choose which character you identify the most with...

About Daria

Cynical and sardonic, Daria’s intellect is often counterbalanced by her complete lack of motivation. Trademark characteristics include her iconic monotone voice and facial expression that rarely changes ... in her words, ‘I don’t like to smile unless I have a reason.’ Her favourite food is pizza and her favourite TV show is ‘Sick Sad World’, a bizarre tabloid news show-within-a-show which she binge watches with her best friend Jane.

Our take on Daria’s staple green uniform is the ‘Sick Sad World Jacket’ - an oversized trucker jacket in forest green corduroy, with removable shearling collar and pink Sick Sad World logo. Team with the ‘I Don’t Like To Smile’ yellow pleated kilt for the classic Daria look... just add thick rimmed glasses, combat boots and pessimistic personality.

About Jane

Jane is an aspiring artist and fellow outcast. Like Daria she is cynical and has a biting wit but is surprisingly more socially outgoing and well-adjusted. She hates materialism and conventionalism and shares Daria’s love for Pizza.

Jane’s signature burgundy blazer is given a modern streetwear update with the utilitarian co-ord ‘Go To Hell Chore Jacket’, (a relaxed fit workers jacket complete with pizza patch) and the straight leg ‘I Hate Everybody Pants’, with raw hems and subtle ankle embroidery – for when you need to socialise, but still stay *subversive*.

About Quinn

Nearly the polar opposite of Daria and Jane, Quinn is perky and cute, superficial and materialistic. She is overly concerned with being popular (something she is extremely good at) and is a member of Lawndale High School’s Fashion Club.

Despite her interest in fashion, Quinn is seen wearing the same outfit in almost every episode...a midriff-baring baby pink tee with a yellow butterfly. Recreated ‘IRL’ for this collection, the ‘Quinn Fitted Tee’ features cut-out details and cute capped sleeves, to win all the popularity points and fashion cred you need. In Quinn’s words, ‘Note the simplicity, the bounciness, the overall cuteness’.

Additional pieces include two oversized tees with screen-printed artwork from the original show and meme-friendly Jane and Daria quotes including “I Am Succeeding at Failing” and “Do you think if you breathe on me... I might catch your enthusiasm?”. The collection is complete with a ‘I Hate Everybody’ black tote bag and pack of 3 custom enamel pin badges. Prices range from £18 for accessories, £45 for T-shirts and £145 for jackets.

The Lazy Oaf x Daria collection launches into this Sick Sad World on 25/10/18 at and select stockists worldwide.

The partnership between Viacom and Lazy Oaf was forged by brand licensing agency, Brandgenuity.


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