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We don’t start a car ride without a GPS, and we wouldn’t begin the licensing process without one either.

The purpose of the strategic licensing plan is to arrive at a shared vision for the licensing program before prospecting begins. We develop a customized plan for each of our clients – there is no cookie cutter approach and no two plans are the same. This road map acts as the foundation upon which the licensing program is built, and addresses key questions like:

  • WHAT is the vision or role of licensing in helping to achieve overall brand goals?
  • WHO will the licensed products and services be targeted to?
  • WHICH are the priority product categories and services the brand should enter based on its authority?
  • WHEN should each category and service be pursued?
  • WHERE will licensed product and service be sold and what are the consumer expectations?
  • HOW do we take it to retail?


Brand Representation Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning