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We love what we do and it shows.

We're the kind of people brand owners want to work with—smart, entrepreneurial, creative, approachable, detail-oriented, and fun.

  • Sings italian arias upon request

    Adina Avery-Grossman


  • Played Gollum in the Macy's parade

    Louis Drogin


  • The (Old) voice of Columbia Radio

    Andrew Topkins


  • Roots for the worst teams in sports

    Jay Asher


  • Can eat more smoked salmon than you

    Steven Cohen

    President of Consulting

  • Speaks English and British

    Teri Niadna

    Managing Director, European Market

  • Interned at the White House

    Rachel Levy

    Senior Brand Director

  • Our resident Canuck. Eh?

    Allison Lort

    Director, Business Development

  • Plays guitar like a music school dropout

    Antonia Predovan

    Director, Business Development

  • Eats, travels, writes. Avidly.

    Rachel Humiston

    Brand Director

  • Art book collector & clutter hater

    Amanda Zussman

    Director, Brand Creative & New Business

  • Queen of Coupon Clipping


    Brand Manager

  • Shares a birthday with her mom

    Jennifer Spielman

    Brand Manager