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Edgewell Selects Brandgenuity to Rep Skintimate Brand for Licensing

Licensing will reward enthusiasts and give Edgewell Personal Care a leg up on the competition


New York, NY (November 7, 2016) – Edgewell Personal Care Brands, LLC announced today that it has selected Brandgenuity to build a licensing program for the Skintimate Shave Gel brand in North America. Brandgenuity will extend Skintimate, the leader in women’s shave preps, into additional HBA products and grooming accessories for women.

“There is real love for this brand and tremendous equity in the name,” said Jim Alsante, Group Marketing Director at Edgewell Personal Care and the lead executive on licensing. “Skintimate   Shave Gel products help to protect and moisturize the skin, leaving the consumer with healthy-looking skin and feeling wonderful. But at its highest level,” Alsante added, “the brand is about helping women to feel radiant, empowered and feminine. We plan to provide a range of products that accomplish this same thing.”

Skintimate sells more than 20MM cans of shave gel annually including its gel signature scents, skin therapy, shave cream and foam lines. The brand is known for luscious, distinctive fragrances, and colorful packaging.  All Skintimate products are moisturizing and hydrating and they make the shaving occasion a bit more fun and indulgent.

Jay Asher, Managing Director at Brandgenuity, leads the team at the agency working on the brand. “We love this brand and believe it can be extended into a wide variety of categories well beyond shave prep.” Added Asher, “The instantly recognizable branding, the signature scents, the eye catching packaging and the moisturizing benefit will help leverage in developing new products.”

The agency expects retailers who carry the brand to welcome licensed products in all channels including mass, club, grocery, drug and value customers. Immediate categories for expansion include skin care, bath products, soaps and washes, and non-electronic and electronic accessories for bath and skin.

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Edgewell Personal Care (NYSE:EPC) manufactures and markets a diverse range of personal care products in the wet shave, skin care, feminine care and infant care categories with well-established brand name products such as Schick® and Wilkinson Sword® men's and women's shaving systems and disposable razors; Edge® and Skintimate® shave preparations; Playtex®, Stayfree®, Carefree® and o.b.® feminine care products; Banana Boat® and Hawaiian Tropic® sun care products; Playtex® infant care products and gloves; Diaper Genie® and Litter Genie® disposal systems; and Wet Ones® moist wipes.  ©2016 Edgewell.  The Playtex® trademark is used under license.

About Edgewell Personal Care™

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Brandgenuity LLC is a leading independent brand licensing agency based in New York with offices in London. The agency is ranked amongst the top 15 licensing agencies worldwide. Brandgenuity extends famous and iconic brands into new categories to build awareness and generate incremental revenue. A full suite of licensing services includes strategic licensing planning, prospecting, legal support & contract negotiation, retail development and assisting manufacturers in the strategic acquisition of licenses. The agency’s clients include Stonyfield Organic, Viacom Network, Arm & Hammer, Hawaiian Tropic, Banana Boat, Playtex, Planet Fitness, Gas Monkey Garage, and MGM Studios, among others. For more information, please visit